Create something beautiful…!!

It’s of the utmost importance in these times to demonstrate that it is possible to create truly sustainable, beautiful and inspired systems.


2 thoughts on “Create something beautiful…!!

  1. I suggest the book “The Artist’s Way” by Julia Cameron as an opportunity to collaborate in a group empowerment process. It offers a structure with daily practices that could meet peoples needs for community, spirituality and personal growth.

  2. Thank you for this blog. I feel it is very loving and honest and open. It will be received much better than a lot of other things out there. I basically have been reading every comment and article I can about women’s circles. Unfortunately, the women who are in them and benefitting are not sharing their stories so there is not a balanced perspective. I happen to know one woman and would love to share her experience. I respect her as a very loving and giving friend and strong leader in her community. She is earnestly trying her best every day and looks at this experience as an experiment. I admire her for jumping in when her heart gave her a full yes. My heart also says yes, but then my mind wants to dot the i’s and cross the t’s and I have gotten hung up in that process. For my friend, she joyously offered her money to ladies who truly inspire her and she wants to support in doing their works in the world. She also gets a lot out of the weekly calls and connections with other powerful women who inspire her. This experience has changed her internally in a way that she wouldn’t have been able to do on her own. She understands the math and the possibilities for circle to be not practiced in a good way, but takes responsibiility for the circles she is in and says the women in those are of integrity. She knows things are evolving and even the documents have been changed to be very clear that the 5,000 is an offering. There is no guarantee. And the new documents acknowledge that there is a finite system and this is an experiment.
    Women don’t want to talk about this publicly because they get a lot of scrutiny and are outcasted from their community. My friend is fully engaged in her community, not just with her circle sisters. She doesn’t prefer the women in circle over those who aren’t. She understands that there are different paths for different people. Because of this, I wonder if a lot of the separation people feel, where some women are in and some are out, is happening because of the judgement and alienation that people who are out of circle are feeling. I personally have taken issue with feeling an outsider because I want to experience the wholesome circle time that I know my friend is having, but refuse to buy into something that presents itself as something different than it is. However I respect that my friend is putting her energy into it and trusting that it can evolve which I see it doing. Women in circles that aren’t moving get to benefit from weekly calls with amazing inspiring sisters doing deep work with prayer, meditation, and intention setting. Their commitment may have happened in the beginning out of a hope for the payout but in the process of circle work go through transformation that makes the gift seem such a small offering for what they are receiving in return and they may wish to stay in the circle even as it progresses very slowly. I know it is hard for me to decide what to commit to, especially if I don’t know what the outcome will be. Circle has a structure and container that helps women go through deep inner work. By the time they get through, they seem to be more empowered and connected and are able to make better decisions of what to do with their gift after supporting other women to receive and knowing what those women are doing with their gifts.
    Another thing I want to talk about is that this is not about people going into debt. When a woman gives, she is responsible to know that she has the funds to spare. I think a good way to think of this is tithing. In the Bible it is recommended that one tithes 10% of what they make. So if one makes $50,000 a year, $5,000 is a good amount. Also, if one has made a lot of money in their lifetime, and not been giving 10% back to God, then maybe this is an opportunity for them to do that work. So giving more than 10% of their annual income makes sense in this scenario. I think part of why there is so much momentum in these circles is because women truly need an outlet for their tithe that they can feel good about. There is corruption everywhere. Whatever organization you give to, there is going to be concern about what they are doing with the money. If you give straight to a person and know what they are doing with the money, that may feel better to some people than to give to some non-human entity. I was a missionary and raised money to do missionary work in Turkey. I know the entire time I was there I felt responsible to all the people who gave me money to be there to make sure I was spending my time in a way that was truly serving God. If I had just been there on my own money on vacation that would’ve been different and not as fulfilling, but I knew I was there to help people and I had been entrusted with other people’s money to serve and that created an entirely different experience for me. Tithing is ancient. Muslims have five tenants and one of them is to give alms to the poor. I am sure every religion and spiritual practice talks of giving without attachment. I think of these circles as small churches, and each person is a temple of God, and when one gives their money, it is their gift to God in thanks for everything they receive which is a gift from God, and the person receiving the money is then seen in the light of being a temple of God and entrusted with this money to do God’s work. This is how my friend has inspired me to see how gifting circles are so powerful and sacred. I would like to see this format continue, but with openness and honesty and willingness to adapt as needed. But it is important to share this because I have gone through a week of discussion and deep personal inquiry to come to this place of peace about circle.
    The other thing about circle that has caused issue for me is how they have suggested borrowing money or going in debt. This has been delusional because the way circle can be healthy is for people to give from their abundance, not create a hole that may take years to get out of. This is what is burning people I believe, and I think the circle has adapted. I know that the new documents don’t suggest anything about going in debt. Even more so I would like people to be encouraged to consider their finances and what they need in the future and to give accordingly. I think the 10% is a good rule of thumb. There is a reason for this. One still needs to pay for their own needs so as not to become dependent on others, this would seriously weaken the effectiveness of the gift, and one needs to save for their future, and one needs to pay taxes for their shared resources – education, roads, etc. We cannot just throw all the spare money we have into this gift economy. I don’t think that is being responsible. So each person must really check themselves and see what they can truly give. If they want to reach out to others for additional offerings because they are inspired to do so that’s fine, but there should not be pressure on them to do so. If circle was completely transparent and honest about how it works, it would be a lot easier to get people on board and not create division. To me, the highest good it is doing is creating living churches. Just like people start home churches that expand and multiply into other homes, so this is an underground movement expanding as there is need and desire for it, and it has a structure that keeps it manageable. Its very versatile as people can be anywhere that has phone service and be able to show up every week.
    Well those are my thoughts for now. I am encouraged by all of this open discussion and hope that new solutions will come forward that will help this circle work continue in the light so that all can be involved and give and receive in a good way.

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