Don’t feel bad…

Please- let us not use this as an opportunity to judge ourselves or others. That is not useful, or beautiful or sustainable either. This is an opportunity to notice how much we are longing for sisterhood, community, supported growth, to belong to something alternative, and to affirm that we do deserve to make our dreams a reality. These needs are beautiful, and human, and we have an opportunity to be creative and find other ways to meet these needs. Take this as a challenge to create something better.

Saying no to the pyramid circle is not saying no to gifting, abundance, community or any other goods that this put you in touch with. It’s important to not conflate the dysfunctional reality of this pyramid structure with the beautiful reality of all that it associated itself with.


Here are some questions I found useful to make this into an opportunity to learn about myself and others:

What needs were met that I felt some sadness in letting go of when I left the circle? How can I empower myself to help create something that meets those needs for both myself and others? What form might that take?

In what other ways can I say yes to abundance in my life?

Were my questions there all along? What was the moment that I chose to put them aside? What was tempting me or appealing to me in that moment that helped me put my questions or doubts aside? Was it a belief? Was it a fear? Was it desire to join my friends? Was it desire to be a part of the wave? Was it the energy that the person inviting me extended? In what other ways do I give up power to whatever that was? How can I become more aware of that dynamic in my decision making process?

What was I saying yes to and can I really affirm my yes to those values and feel the beauty in that? Can I even feel grateful for this opportunity to be made aware of some needs I had that were going unmet?

Can I laugh at myself with humility instead of anger or judgment?

Can I strengthen my faith in the amazing and accessible possibilities of life while saying no to the false hope that this misleading system represents?


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